Rail Car Repairs and Overhauls

SSR has highly experienced and qualified workers that perform general repairs, major accident repairs, scheduled overhauls and CCOs (component change outs) on a diverse range of locomotives, freight vehicles and passenger cars. We can also arrange road transport to and from site when required.

We offer locomotive maintenance and rollingstock maintenance to rail freight companies of all types, and our knowledgeable staff have the skills and experience to undertake any size or type of project, including 24/7 emergency repairs.

High Standards Mean High Quality

With the capacity to take on even the most challenging of tasks, the team at SSR has a commitment to high quality performance, innovation and the high standards of safety required for every employee and every project.

While regular locomotive maintenance and rollingstock maintenance will keep your assets working smoothly, we also offer rail freight companies our expert CCOs, scheduled overhauls and 24-hour emergency repair services. SSR also has the flexibility to work in-field to minimise delays and downtime for our customers.

Service that Exceeds Your Expectations

To schedule any type of locomotive maintenance, rollingstock maintenance or overhaul, get in touch with the friendly and knowledgeable team at SSR. We are committed to exceeding our customers’ expectations for quality service, customised solutions and industry innovation.