Emergency Recovery

An emergency on a railroad can have disastrous and expensive consequences. Regular, professional locomotive maintenance and rollingstock maintenance can reduce the chances that your equipment will experience an unexpected malfunction, but certain events cannot be planned for. When an emergency happens, SSR provides quick, professional services to get you back running again.

SSR provides customers with a 24/7 emergency call out or equipment recovery service from both our Bendigo and Lithgow workshops.

Getting You Moving

With a team of experienced and certified technicians on call, you can be sure that the SSR team will work quickly and efficiently to recover your equipment so you can minimise your downtime and get back to the job at hand. Our vast range of available rail freight services is designed to meet every customer’s unique requirements, even in an emergency.

When your equipment fails, our team responds fast. Our main goal is to get you moving again, but we never compromise our commitment to safety, quality and customer service.

Delivering High Standards

Contact us today for more information on any of our rail freight services, including locomotive maintenance and rollingstock maintenance, overhauls and 24/7 emergency call out or equipment recovery. Our experience, quality workmanship and attention to detail are delivered to every project for an outcome that meets our high standards.