• About Us

    Southern Shorthaul Railroad (SSR) is a customer-focussed full service rail business operating throughout Australia.More than just an expert rail freight services operator, SSR has the ability and expertise to provide its customers with flexible and responsive equipment servicing and repair. The primary objective of all of our extensive operations,

    • Our Team

      SSR is a rail freight services company that employs more than 100 people across Australia, with many people employed in regional areas. The background and experience of our team is diverse – there is no stereotypical employee at SSR. From heavy haulage rail freight services to wagon and locomotive maintenance

    • Our Values

      At SSR we are committed to providing our customers with the highest level of rail freight service whilst still maintaining our reputation for safety. As a rail freight services operator, we strive to deliver assets of the highest quality, while also providing overall quality of service that is second to

    • FAQ

      As a trusted provider of a wide range of rail freight services, including intermodal freight, heavy haulage and more we get many questions about our services, coverage and the benefits of rail over transport alternatives. The following provides answers to some of these frequently asked questions and what using Southern Shorthaul Railroad (SSR) means for you.

  • Locomotives and Wagons

    Southern Shorthaul Railroad operates a reliable fleet of locomotives and wagons for a diverse range of rail freight services including assorted intermodal, coal and grain haulage as well as working infrastructure trains. SSR is one of the few rail freight companies that offer a fleet capable of complete rail freight

  • Workshop Services

    SSR operates two workshops on the east coast. Our Victorian workshop is based in Bendigo, with direct access onto the broad gauge rail network. Our NSW workshop is based in Lithgow with direct access onto the standard gauge rail network.

    Road transporting rail assets to both workshops can also be

    • Bogie Overhaul

      In addition to our locomotive maintenance and rollingstock maintenance services, SSR performs overhauls on all types of freight vehicles, locomotives, and passenger car bogies. Overhauls can be completed to either our own or customer-specific requirements and bogies are fully tested and commissioned after the overhaul prior to release. The team

    • Field Services and Provisioning

      When your rail freight in NSW or Victoria is stalled and in need of maintenance, SSR has the field services and provisioning necessary to quickly get you back up and running again. Our field service activities can be quickly co-ordinated and deployed from both the Bendigo and Lithgow workshops for

    • Wagon Manufacturing and Locomotive Upgrades

      Our 10,000-square metre manufacturing facility with large height clearance and dual 20 tonne double girder overhead cranes means we have the facilities, equipment and the muscle to tackle any job. In addition to providing locomotive and wagon manufacturing, we are also adept in all aspects of locomotive maintenance and rollingstock

    • Rail Car Repairs and Overhauls


    • Painting

      In 2012, SSR’s Bendigo workshop commissioned a brand new state-of-the-art paint facility for the primary purpose of painting locomotives, wagons, passenger cars and rollingstock components. The fully self-contained and temperature controlled paint booth allows SSR to achieve high quality paint finishes in an environmentally friendly process. The addition of a

    • Emergency Recovery

      An emergency on a railroad can have disastrous and expensive consequences. Regular, professional locomotive maintenance and rollingstock maintenance can reduce the chances that your equipment will experience an unexpected malfunction, but certain events cannot be planned for. When an emergency happens, SSR provides quick, professional services to get you back

  • Glossary

    Like all industries, the rail industry has many unique and different terms to describe the intricacies of our activities, operations and equipment. Below is a list of common rail terms with specific meanings.
    Airbrake – A braking system activated by change of air pressure.
    Bank Locomotive – A locomotive provided

  • Reliable and Efficient Rail Freight Services in Dynon

    Southern Shorthaul Railroad has been providing innovative and customer focussed rail freight services in Dynon and across Australia for over 10 years.
    As an accredited rail operator, SSR ensures you receive end-to-end rail freight transportation solutions that meet your unique needs.

  • Rail Freight Services

    SSR is an accredited rail operator, operating rail freight in NSW and Victoria. The rail freight services and operations are supported by a 24/7 LiveRun Team.
    In meeting existing customer requirements, train crewing depots are currently located in Sydney, Lithgow, and Newcastle.
    With a motivated, experienced and trained workforce, SSR

    • Grain Haulage

      SSR has the experience and understands the requirements for a competitively priced bulk grain haulage rail solution for its customers across Australia.
      SSR is very familiar with both the domestic and export heavy haulage tasks, and the management team possesses the necessary experience with grain haulage rail freight services.

    • Coal Haulage

      SSR entered the coal haulage market in 2010, and has proven its capabilities to deliver an unparalleled level of customer service and flexibility. Current operations centre on rail freight services from four mines located within a 250 km radius of Sydney, and transporting this resource to the four primary export

    • Testing and Commission

      Rail Operators and manufactures understand that new and rebuilt locomotives and wagons require on-track dynamic testing for accreditation and compliance purposes. Given the unique aspects of each item of rollingstock subject to testing, requirements vary for each project. SSR operational staff and the train crew understand the need to work

    • Infrastructure Work Trains, Heavy Haulage

      SSR performs a large proportion of the infrastructure train haulage in New South Wales, and the interstate rail corridor in Victoria. Our heavy haulage rail freight services offer customers expertise and quality assurance that each job is done properly while adhering to high standards for safety.
      Infrastructure rail services are

    • Intermodal Freight


    • Rollingstock Transfers and Maintenance


  • Why Choose SSR for Intermodal Freight in Port Botany?

    SSR has been serving in this industry for over a decade. Our trained team has vast experience in implementing tailored end-to-end supply chains for our customers across Port Botany. We can provide you with the perfect intermodal solution regardless of your specific shipping and export requirements.

  • Wollongong’s Trusted Coal Haulage Operator

    Since 2010, SSR has been delivering an unmatched level of flexibility and customer service in the coal haulage market. Backed by a strong team of trained professionals and infrastructure, we have the capability to haul any mining products for Wollongong customers from any location across Australia.

  • Spotswood’s Secure and Succinct Grain Haulage Services

    Businesses are always on the run looking to find the most competitively priced grain haulage rail solution. At SSR, we give you just that!
    Running the business for over 12 years we have gained skilled experience in managing both domestic and export heavy hauling tasks, with a specialised management team handling grain haulage rail freight services.

  • Dubbo’s Rail Freight Services You Can Trust

    With the Australian rail network consisting of more than 40,000 km of railways, rail freight is considered as the most reliable and cost-effective means to transport goods throughout Australia. Whether its bulk shipments or containerised freight, you can rely on SSR to provide you with a competitive solution for all your diverse logistics requirements.

  • Melbourne’s Choice for Intermodal Freight

    For over a decade, SSR has been providing the best rail freight services across Australia. Backed by a team with vast experience in developing custom end-to-end supply chain solutions, we have been able to proudly serve a diverse clientele throughout Melbourne.

  • Premium Coal Haulage Service Provider in Newcastle

    SSR has been proudly offering unparalleled customer service in the coal haulage market since 2010. With the help of our highly trained professionals and functional infrastructure, we have been able to strengthen our ability to haul any coal products for Newcastle businesses.

  • Fast, Efficient and Safe Grain Haulage for Bendigo Businesses

    Is your Bendigo business looking for the most reasonably-priced grain haulage rail solution? SSR can help you out!
    We have been serving in the rail freight industry for over a decade. This contributes to our proven capability of managing both export and domestic heavy hauling jobs.

  • Exceptional Coal Haulage Operator in Bathurst

    It has been over a decade since SSR entered the coal haulage industry and established itself as a provider of innovative solutions. Whatever your logistics requirements may be, SSR can leverage our experienced crew and functional infrastructure to haul any coal products for customers throughout Bathurst.

  • Warrnambool’s Quick and Efficient Grain Haulage Operator

    If your business is located in Warrnambool and looking for the most cost-efficient grain haulage service, then look no further than SSR.
    Our extensive experience in the industry contributes to our proven capabilities of handling both export and domestic heavy hauling jobs with ease.