Rail Services

SSR is an accredited rail operator, operating rail freight in NSW and Victoria. The rail freight services and operations are supported by a 24/7 LiveRun Team.

In meeting existing customer requirements, train crewing depots are currently located in Sydney, Lithgow, and Newcastle.

With a motivated, experienced and trained workforce, SSR has the ability to provide crews for any rail solution across Australia beyond the above locations. The established Safety Management System, and associated train operating systems are capable of handling new rail freight services and rapid growth.

Comprehensive and Reliable

Explore our comprehensive range of rail freight services provided by our team of professional and reliable experts in the industry. We have developed solutions for a wide variety of requirements and we encourage customers to contact us for any specialised task you’d like us to consider.

The Cutting Edge of Performance

Locomotive GPS tracking and fuel monitoring allow remote management of assets in the field. Company issued technology to each crew member enables real time geo-tracking of train services, and the reporting of on-time-running, and the cause of any delays. Customers are given access to the applicable systems and reports.

The drivers and management team at SSR have a vast experience in train operations, including heavy haulage and intermodal freight, providing rail freight in NSW, Victoria and across Australia for all types of commodities.

Whenever possible, SSR kindly and proudly assists not-for-profit community heritage rail organisations.

Meeting Your Requirements

For expert assistance in rail freight across Australia, SSR simply offers more. From heavy haulage tasks to intermodal freight and grain and coal haulage, our experienced team work hard to find a cost-effective solution to your requirements. Get in touch with us to learn more about how we can meet your needs.